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Can I Charge Other Battery Types with a 21700 Battery Charger?

A 21700 battery charger can charge other types of batteries. But your batteries will always be at risk of overheating, damage, or explosions. Its specifications, according to 21700, may not deliver excellent performance while used for other types.

21700 battery chargers are widely used for portable electronic devices such as flashlights. They are designed to provide 2A to 4A current to charge the 21700 batteries perfectly. A best 21700 battery charger ensures consistent performance and keeps your battery always powered up.

Robert Delaporte used the POWXS Universal Lithium 21700 Battery Charger and found it an excellent tool for charging. Ethan prefers the MiBOXER 21700 Battery Charger over other chargers. And Jeff Horwitz is satisfied with the performance of the FUGASUN LCD Intelligent 21700 Battery Charger.

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Top 21700 Battery Charger for More Power and Longer Runtimes

When choosing the best 21700 battery charger, you have many options on the table. Each of them offers a variety of features which make it hard to decide on. No worries, we are here to help you. We did research and sorted out the 3 best chargers for your 21700 battery. Let’s read and choose a reliable charger.

1. POWXS Universal Lithium 21700 Battery Charger

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Robert Delaporte used the POWXS Universal Lithium 21700 Battery Charger and is satisfied with its performance. It is an excellent and sleek charging solution that allows you to charge multiple types of batteries.

This 21700 battery charger has advanced charging technology to ensure high-speed charging capabilities. It lets its users quickly charge up to 950 mA for 3.7V batteries. You can also charge 450mA for 1.2 V Ni-MH batteries.

It is compatible with multiple battery types, such as C/AAA/AA and 3.7V batteries. You can charge 3.7V batteries in just 4 hours with a reliable power source. Its Micro-USB and Type-C dual input allows you to charge the battery via multiple sources such as car chargers, computers, wall chargers, and power banks.

The bright LCD display adds an intelligent touch to your charging experience. Not only does it show real-time power capacity during charging, but it also identifies faulty batteries and signals accordingly. 

Safety is the top priority in its manufacturing. Its high-quality fire-proof materials prevent over-charging, over-current, over-heating, and short circuits. Its compact size and a mere weight of only 8.47 ounces make it easy to carry.

POWXS Universal Lithium 21700 Battery Charger


  • Ensures safety and prevents overcharging or overheating
  • Real-time power status identifies bad batteries
  • It supports various battery types
  • 4-charging slots simultaneously charge different batteries


  • Limited Charging slots for charging batteries
  • 4-hours charging time may be longer in emergencies

2. MiBOXER 21700 Battery Charger

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Ethan is using the MiBOXER 21700 Battery Charger by COSOOS and loved its versatility and reliability. Its sleek 4-bay design is a perfect fit for your charging needs. It is a universal charging solution that is compatible with multiple batteries.

This efficient 21700 battery charger is constructed with PC fire retardant material, which ensures durability and safety. Its excellent, intelligent circuit design offers prevention against heat. 

We loved its error display feature. The charger displays an error symbol for reversed or short-circuited batteries and stops charging automatically once the battery is fully charged.

The charger has a multi-functional LCD display, providing real-time information such as mode, battery type, voltage, current, and charging time. The 4th bay also has a discharge function, allowing you to measure battery real capacity.

The charger can simultaneously charge four rechargeable batteries with a maximum single-channel charging current of 1.5A. It is compatible with various battery types, including Li-ion, IMR, INR, ICR, LiFePO4, Ni-MH, and Ni-Cd.


  • Versatile compatibility for various batteries
  • Comprehensive multi-protection features for safety
  • Charger comes in a compact and portable design
  • Activation and restoration functions included


  • Some battery types require manual selection
  • The discharge function is only available in 4th bay

3. FUGASUN LCD Intelligent 21700 Battery Charger

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Jeff Horwitz is a loyal FUGASUN LCD Intelligent 21700 Battery Charger user. He loved its versatile and intelligent charging solutions for various rechargeable batteries. 

It has a long 75mm slot to accommodate batteries under 75mm,, such as 21700, 21750, 26700, 18650, and many others. The universal compatibility of this smart USB battery charger is impressive. It supports multiple types of batteries, including 1.2V Ni-MH/Ni-CD AA, AAA, AAAA, C, and many others.

This charger is a complete solution for batteries from AA to 21700 and even for batteries with a capacity of 3600mAh or higher. With an intelligent design, it provides you with real-time information regarding charging status. 

The FUGASUN 21700 battery charger allows you to charge adjustment by pressing A. You will see the options for 0.5A, 1A, and 2A for flexibility and control over the charge time.

Its special charge and discharge management circuit protects against overheating, overcharging,, or other issues. This charger ensures you complete peace of mind that your batteries are in safe hands.

FUGASUN LCD Intelligent 21700 Battery Charger


  • Compact size ensures easy carry
  • Lightweight, suitable for easy portability
  • Displays charging status and essential information
  • Quick charging time for emergency needs


  • Relatively lightweight, may lack sturdiness
  • Small display screen may be inconvenient
Highlighted FeaturesPOWXS Universal Lithium 21700 Battery ChargerMiBOXER 21700 Battery ChargerFUGASUN LCD Intelligent 21700 Battery Charger
Input Voltage3.7 V12 V1.2 V
weight8.47 Ounces16 Ounces3.84 ounces
Dimension 5.91 x 4.33 x 1.57 inches4.1 x 6.3 x 1.6 inches1.18 x 2.36 x 4.84 inches
Battery CompatibilityAA AAA & C Ni-MH Ni-CD Rechargeable BatteriesLi-ion LiFePO4 Ni-MH Ni-Cd AA AAA CNi-MH Ni-CD AA AAA AAAA C SC F6 Li-ion IMR INR ICR


Well, now you are in a better position to make a right decision to choose a 21700 battery charger. What is the best 21700 battery charger? It depends on your preferences, needs, and budget. You can go for any of the above, all are excellent chargers.
We recommend the POWXS Universal Lithium 21700 Battery Charger for your battery. Its unique features, such as compact size, lightweight, multiple battery support, and reliable performance, make it one of the best choices.

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