EBL Batteries vs Eneloop

EBL Batteries vs Eneloop: Which Is More Work?

EBL and Eneloop are two common battery models used for small devices. But could you interchange them? Some similarities may confuse us to use them as interchangeable. Read below the EBL batteries vs Eneloop batteries review to make the right decision for your device’s best performance.

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Ebl Batteries Vs Eneloop: The Details Comparison

Ebl Batteries Vs Eneloop


The EBL brand manufactures EBL batteries, while Eneloop batteries have the Eneloop brand.


In comparison, we found voltage is similar for both batteries, 1.2V.


In comparison, we found both of the batteries have rechargeable options.


The chemistry of both batteries is also the same, making them interchangeable in some cases.

Battery Types

EBL batteries are available in AA and AAA types, while the Eneloop batteries are available in AA types.

Recharge Cycles

Recharge Cycles comparison for Ebl Vs Eneloop Battery

EBL has low recharge cycles as compared to Eneloop batteries. An Eneloop battery could easily recharge 2100 times, but EBL batteries have only 1200 recharge cycles.

Discharge Capacity

EBL batteries’ discharge capacity is lower than Eneloop batteries; it could retain 80 percent of charge during 3 years without use. On the other hand, Eneloop could retain 70 percent of the charge for ten years. 


EBL batteries are powerful that making them suitable for high drain applications. EBL batteries have a capacity of 2800mAh, while the Eneloop batteries have 2100mAh.

Operating Temperature

The average temperature range for EBL batteries for fine working is between 0 to 35 degrees C, but Eneloop batteries provide more consistent performance at fluctuating temperature ranges. Eneloop batteries could perform their functions perfectly between -20 to 40 degrees C.

Storage Temperature

EBL batteries could store easily for years recommended temperature for EBL batteries storage is -10 to 50 degrees C, while room temperature is recommended to store Eneloop batteries.

Recharging Time

difference recharging time of Ebl and Eneloop battery

There is enough difference in their recharging time; for Eneloop, 1.5 to 3 hrs are enough while EBL batteries need 7 to 14 hrs for fully recharge.


Both batteries could interchange for smaller devices, but EBL batteries are recommended for high drain applications while the Eneloop batteries are recommended for low drain applications.

EBL Batteries vs Eneloop- Quick Comparison Chart

Bases of comparisonEBL batteryEneloop battery
Battery TypesAA, AAAAA
Recharge Cycles12002100
Discharge Capacity80 % for 3 Years70 % for 10 years
Operating Temperature0 to 35 degrees C-20 to 40 degrees C
Storage Temperature-10 to 50 degrees CRoom temperature
Charging Time7 to 14 hrs.1.5 hrs. to 3 hrs.
CompatibleRemote controls, digital cameras, radios, toys, and flashlightsLow drain devices, video games, remote control


Eneloop and EBL are two commonly used batteries for low, medium, and high drain applications and could be used for small applications. But some features such as difference in temperature, recharge time, discharge capacity makes Eneloop a better choice. On the other hand, EBL batteries offer more power compatible with high drain applications and could store at the lowest temperature for years.

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