ElectroView started in 2021 and Steevee Dan is the founder of this ElektroView, I hold a master’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE). Electronics and electrics are my passions. So I began blogging about electrical products. 

ElektroView.com is a blog site focused on electrics, electronics, and power tools. All the problems we are facing in using electric products in our daily life, and People who search online about electrical products. In this blog of mine, you will know about all those problems and their details.

You can’t repair or build anything in this world without electricity. And when it comes to electricity, knowledge is the key!

On this site, you can find tips and tricks for electricians, guides for electrical tools, reviews of electrical hand tools, and accessories for electronics projects. We want you to be part of our learning journey by sharing the easiest and best method of discovering quality content.

The website is designed to be educational and accessible to everyone, from the absolute novice to the electronic technician. We believe everyone should be educated about electricity since it’s very dangerous if not handled correctly.

You’ll find that electricians are incredibly creative people, always looking for new ways to improve the quality of their work. We want this to be a place where you can find answers to your questions and become inspired.

And of course, this blog is for everyone who loves DIY projects and learning something new every day. One thing that will be part of the blog is reviews of new devices and products that can be helpful to anyone, including information on electrical tools.

We also want the site to be useful for those learning about wiring, electrical devices, and home improvement projects involving electricity. In short, changing a light bulb will never be the same again after you read some tips from our blog!

This way, you can learn more about topics such as the best wire strippers, reading electrical diagrams, or installing a ceiling fan. The idea is that you should read something interesting and learn something that you can apply in your life.

We provide our readers with articles on everything from determining what voltage wire your project requires (110V vs 220V) to designing your very own robot!

Here at https://elektroview.com/, we share the knowledge to build your own DIY projects with our tutorials on building anything from an Arduino-powered coffee machine to a wireless doorbell. Our goal is to help you understand all aspects of electronic design so that you can be confident in tackling any project.

Moreover, we help you understand the basics of electronics before building your electric and electronic projects. For example, you will find out what electronic symbols are and how to read them, which tools can help you in your projects, or where you should place the resistors.

If you’re a fan of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or any other electronic device, you will find a lot of interesting articles on this blog. As a result, you can save time and money on your projects.

We know that if you have a device that gets damaged or malfunctions, you prefer to repair it yourself rather than buying replacement parts. Also, not every person can fix things if they break. But this blog will provide you with the information to make your own repairs at home without hiring electrician services.

In our review section, you discuss electrical and electronic components for the job. If you want to do some work around your home or office, you need to ensure you have the right tools.

Here, you will find in-depth reviews of electronic tools, such as electric hand tools, resistors, wire strippers, soldering irons, and more. We will recommend to you which tools are best for your next project. Here you will never find suggestions for low-quality products.

In our articles, we will share short steps with accurate information to complete your projects safely and quickly. So we provide all of our readers with clear and simple guides.

So enjoy our articles, and feel free to comment or email us at [email protected] because we are open to your suggestions and questions too! We will do our best to help you.