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Can I Replace the 18650 Battery in My Headlamp?

Replacing an 18650 battery in a headlamp is an easy job if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions properly. But make sure you have a proper replacement and count the safety measures.

Choosing the best 18650 headlamp battery is crucial for satisfactory performance. 18650 batteries offer a good balance of capacity, durability, and rechargeability. These batteries, due to their best features, are ideal for outdoor adventures.

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Chris Brown used ENERGIZER LED Headlamp Rechargeable and found it exceptional for outdoor adventures. While Robertoto prefers the ABCidy LED Headlamp Rechargeable over others. Another user, Jacob, loved the Nitecore HC90 Rechargeable headlamp performance.

Best 18650 Headlamp For Different Brightness Levels

It can be a little challenging to find the best 18650 headlamp. It needs to consider many features to ensure consistent and reliable performance. But no worries, we have listed the 3 best 18650 headlamps for you to choose from.

1. ENERGIZER LED Headlamp Rechargeable

ENERGIZER LED Headlamp Rechargeable
    • A rechargeable battery ensures flexibility
    • Efficient and powerful LED for excellent illumination
    • Aluminum material for enhanced durability
    • Powerful 400 lumens to 1000 lumens brightness
    • Water-resistant feature for reliable performance

Chris Brown used ENERGIZER LED Headlamp Rechargeable and applauded its features. A sleek Gray Steel and durable Aluminum build ensures reliability and satisfactory performance. 

This 18650 headlamp lets you switch between the rechargeable lithium-ion or CR123 batteries for versatile use. Its easy detachable function allows users to detach it from the base and use it as a handheld light.

Powered by two CR123 batteries, this headlamp boasts a powerful 400-lumen beam on High and an impressive 1000 lumens on Turbo, providing clarity in the darkest moments.

Its IPX4 water-resistant design and impact resistance of up to 1-meter guarantee performance in challenging conditions. A compact and comfortable design makes it ideal for handheld or hands-free use.

The headlamp has two CR123 batteries that ensure a runtime of 4 hours. It provides quality with a metallic finish and a reliable build. Its 5.75″D x 2.56″ W x 7.52″H dimension makes it a perfect size for portability without compromising on power.


    • Dual power features for flexibility
    • Versatile features for handheld or hands-free use
    • The sturdy material makes it long-lasting
    • Comfortable and compact design for portability


    • Only color may limit the Choice
    • Not suitable for standard battery types

2. ABCidy LED Headlamp Rechargeable

ABCidy LED Headlamp Rechargeable
    • USB charging port supports multiple charging sources
    • 12 versatile lighting modes to fit different conditions
    • Sturdy plastic material for durability
    • 90° light adjustment for perfect illumination
    • 4-10 hours run time on different modes

According to Robertoto, the ABCidy LED Headlamp Rechargeable is a versatile lighting solution with remarkable features. The adjustable elastic headband provides a perfect fit for all users.

Powered by a powerful 2000mAh rechargeable 18650 battery, this headlamp offers a runtime of 4 to 10 hours when fully charged. The battery indicator is a handy feature to monitor battery usage and avoid unexpected power interruptions.

With an impressive battery life of up to 1000 charging cycles, this headlamp is not only rechargeable but also environmentally friendly. It has 12 lighting modes, such as strong and medium beams, COB floodlights, and red SOS modes. It is ideal to meet different needs.

The 18650 headlamp is only 113g, which makes it ideal for portability. Its lamp head can rotate up to 90° with a firm locking to keep it locked to prevent shaking during use.

A motion sensor detection button and a long-press function facilitate easy mode switching and light control. This ensures users can effortlessly adjust brightness levels, enhancing convenience during activities.


    • 12 lighting modes for various needs
    • 2000mAh battery ensures long-lasting power
    • Lightweight design, easy to carry
    • Waterproof feature makes it suitable for outdoor use


    • May not be suitable for extreme conditions
    • Plastic material may lack durability

3. Nitecore HC90 Rechargeable Headlamp

Nitecore HC90 Rechargeable headlamp
    • Premium LED output up to 900 lumens
    • Rechargeable battery power source ensures reliability
    • RGB LED for red, green, and blue lighting
    • Nylon and Aluminum construction guarantee durability
    • Supports 18650 and CR123A batteries

Jacob found the ABCidy LED Headlamp a reliable, handy tool for outdoor activities. Its premium CREE XM-L2 (T6) advanced LED technology delivers 900 lumens of brightness. It ensures you have the best 18650 headlamp, which gives you a clear view even in low-light modes.

Its USB rechargeable feature is worth mentioning, making it an ideal choice for everyone. No need to be worried about charging the battery you can plug it into your phone, laptop, adapter, or power bank to recharge.

The headlamp has a powerful 3400mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, ensuring extended run time. With a single recharge, you can illuminate your surroundings for many hours.

It offers you greater flexibility, you can switch between an 18650 battery or a CR123A battery. This feature keeps you relaxed, so you can easily recharge the battery depending on your preference or availability.

Nylon and aluminum construction ensure longevity and reliability. You can change the light colors using its secondary RGB lights. This unique feature improves visibility and makes your headlamp versatile for different conditions.


    • 900 lumens for excellent brightness
    • Multiple charging options warrant convenience
    • Multiple colored lighting for versatile use
    • Sturdy construction makes it reliable


    • Available in only one color
    • Secondary lights may disrupt focus
Highlighted FeaturesENERGIZER LED Headlamp RechargeableABCidy LED Headlamp RechargeableNitecore HC90 Rechargeable headlamp
Power SourceBattery PoweredBattery PoweredBattery Powered
MaterialAluminumPlasticNylon, Aluminum
Weight0.44 pounds3.99 Ounces0.01 ounces

Final Thoughts

You have gone through our best 18650 headlamp selections. Now you have a better understanding to make an informed decision. All of the above headlamps are excellent and reviewed as the top performer in the market. But the final selection depends on your needs and preferences.

We recommend ENERGIZER LED Headlamp Rechargeable for you. Its powerful battery, easy charging options, excellent brightness level, and protection from water make it ideal for indoor and outdoor adventures.

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