Candlepower Vs Lumens

Candlepower Vs Lumens: What are the Key Differences and How You Measured?

Candlepower and lumens are two popular terms used for measuring light qualities, but what’s the difference between them? Candlepower means measuring the brightness quality of the beam, while the lumens are used when measuring the overall light output by a flashlight. If you are confused about differentiating, then surely my below Candlepower vs lumens comparison will help you understand both in-depth.


Candlepower is a unit of light intensity. It expresses the light intensity level related to the light output by a candle of specific size and element. Candlepower means when expressing the illumination power in candles or candelas. It focuses on the specific part of the flashlight, like the beam. 


In simple terms, lumens means the quantity of light produced from a light source such as a flashlight. The higher level of lumens rating means the brighter output from a light source.

How many watts in a Candlepower?

Candlepower produces 80 watts of power when burns, but it does not produce brighter light as 80W bulbs. The reason is that there is too much power loss, and it produces heat that makes it inefficient than an 80W bulb.

How many watts is Lumens?

Lumen is the smaller quantity one watt is equal to 12.5 lumens. As already discussed, lumens mean measurement of light output from a light source. When you need to measure the wattage of lumens, divide all lumens by 12.5 to get the answer. Suppose there are 650 lumens light produced, then calculate its watt by dividing it by 12.5 to get the answer 52 watts.

Relationship between Candlepower and Lumens

Different manufacturers use different measurement units to confuse their clients to understand the real light brightness from flashlights. Some companies use lumens as a unit, while other use candlepower as light brightness measurement units.

To understand how your flashlight is brighter, you should compare their relation.  The secret behind the story is how focused the flashlight beam is. Suppose a flashlight comes with 25000 candlepower peak beam intensity and 200 lumens light output is brighter than a 12000 candlepower peak beam intensity and 200 lumens light.

How can you convert the candlepower to lumens?

One Candlepower equals 12.57 lumens so that you can convert both from each other. Suppose you want to convert candlepower to lumens, then simply multiply the Candlepower with 12.57 to get the lumens.

If you want to calculate the Candlepower from lumens, then simply divide the Candlepower by 12.57 to get the Candlepower.

Suppose you have 750 lumens light source and want to convert it to candlepower, then get the answer by 750/12.57= 60 Candlepower.


Candlepower VS Lumens is not a battle between both; it needs proper understanding. Both are the measurement units that some companies use as tricks to confuse the buyers. Both units are used for measuring light brightness. Candlepower measures light brightness in a specific area such as a beam, but lumens measure the overall light produced from a light source.

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