Nitecore I2 vs D2

Nitecore I2 vs D2: Which Charger is Better and What’s New In It?

Your expensive batteries performance is also closely connected to your battery charger’s performance. Nitecore i2 and d2 are two widely used charges for simultaneously charging multiple and different-capacity batteries. These modern chargers are used for similar applications that may confuse to differentiate. But they have many differences that need to account when performance is a major concern.

Nitecore i2 Intellicharge Charger

NiteCore NiteCore-i2-V2014-A 2014 New Version Intelligent Charger

Nitecore D2 Charger with LCD Display Universal Smart Charger

Nitecore D2 EU Battery Two Bays Charger with LCD Display

Continue reading Nitecore i2 VS d2 for knowing more about those devices.

Nitecore i2 VS d2 -Quick Comparison Chart

Basis of ComparisonNitecore I2Nitecore D2
Battery TypesLi-ion, IMR, LiFePO4,
Ni-Mh, NiCd
Li-ion, IMR, LiFePO4,
Ni-Mh, NiCd
Output Current500 to 1000mA2x500mA
Digital DisplayNOYes
Dimension5.2” x 2.8” x 1.4”5.6” x 2.9” x 1.4”
Weight4.44 oz, 126g5.9 oz / 168 g
Input Voltage9 to 12 V DC, AC:100 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz12V or 1A DC, AC: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz,
Average Life2+ years2+ years

Nitecore i2 VS d2: Brief Discussion!


More than one slot with a charger means facilitating more batteries to charge simultaneously. When compared to nitecore i2 vs d2, both chargers have two slots and can charge two batteries of different capacities simultaneously.

Compatible With Battery Types

nitecore chargers support multiple types of batteries

Both of these nitecore chargers support multiple types of batteries; when compared, we found i2 and d2 chargers support Li-ion, IMR, LiFePO4, Ni-Mh, and NiCd based batteries.

Output Current

There is no difference in output current range that is up to 1000mA; due to that reason, both could use for the same types of batteries.

Digital Display

Digital display features are showing in the picture

Digital display feature is also essential that assist the user in knowing about the charging of the battery.  When compared, there is no digital display feature in the nitecore i2 charger but it has LED indicator light, on the other hand d2 charger comes with a digital LCD display function. Digital display stops blinking when your battery is fully charged.


Dimension of nitecore i2 vs d2 has minor differences. Nitecore i2 has a dimension of 5.2” x 2.8” x 1.4”, while the dimension of d2 charger is 5.6” x 2.9” x 1.4”.


In comparing their weights, i2 is a lightweight charger with 126 g or 4.4Oz weight. But the d2 charger is massive in weight than i2; it has 168g or 5.9 Oz.

Input voltage

These chargers are compatible with AC and DC voltage to increase their versatility and facilitate the user in different conditions. If we compare, the input voltage for the i2 charger is 9 to 12V DC, but for d2, it is 12V. AC voltage input range is 100 to 240 V for both chargers. I2 charger is compatible with low voltage compared to d2 for DC input.


The lifespan of i2 and d2 is almost the same; both have an average life of more than two years.


Nitecore i2 and d2 chargers are widely used for multiple types of battery charging and offer almost the same features. Nitecore i2 charger is lightweight, smaller, and supportive with low DC input voltage, while the d2 charger has a digital display for user assistance. All other features are almost the same in both chargers.

 1. Is NITECORE a Good Battery Charger?

Answer: Yes, NITECORE is very famous for its high-capacity battery charging and is widely used for simultaneously charging multiple and different-capacity batteries. You can charge your alkaline battery within a very short time.

2. What Batteries can a NITECORE Charge?

Answer: NITECORE is an almost universal battery charger. IMR, Li-ion, Lifep04, NiMH, NiCD these types of batteries are supported on this charger.

NITECORE Charger supported batteries list

3. What is the difference between i2 and d2 Charger?

Answer: Both chargers are used for similar applications. But output capacity, digital display, and weight make the charger different from each other, but lifespan and all other options are the same.

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