2825 Bulb Vs 194

2825 vs 194 Bulbs: Quick Comparison Guide?

Are 2825 bulbs and 194 bulbs the same? 2825 and 194 bulb comes with common base types that make them compatible for the same applications. The major difference is their light output. Both are widely used for interior and exterior applications and even recommended on-road applications. You will better understand after reading the detailed comparison of 2825 vs 194 bulbs.

Comparison Chart:

Basics2825 Bulb194 Bulb
Color Temperature2800K2700K
Light ColorRelaxing and warm lightWarm white ( Yellowish white)
Average Rated Life1000 hrs2500 hrs
Dimension3x1x4 inches4.1 x 1.9 x 0.7 inches
Weight0.162 ounces0.634 ounces

2825 vs 194 Bulbs: The below brief will make you more confident

2825 vs 194 Bulbs

Color Temperature

The color temperature of the bulbs supports the color of light produced from your bulbs. While we compare the color temperature of 2825 vs 194 bulbs, we found the color temperature of 2825 bulb is 2800K while the color temperature of 194 bulb is 2700K. In that regard, the light produced from the 2825 bulb will be brighter and clear than the 194 bulb, but there will be not much difference except when dealing with light temperature-sensitive projects.

Light Color

The color of light produced from the 2825 bulb is a relaxing and warm light that does not irritate your eyes and is very clear. Yellowish white colors light are produced from 194 bulb that may irritate your eyes when you stay for long hours under that light. But it does not happen with most people. So we can say the light quality is almost the same.


One of the major reasons for the brighter light of the 2825 bulb is that it contains 50 lumens, while the 194 bulb only has 25 lumens. There is a clear difference between the numbers of lumens that makes 2825 bulbs a preferred choice over 194 bulbs.

Average Rated Life

We found a huge difference between the average rated hours of 2825 and 194 bulbs. The average rated life of 194 bulb is more than 2825 bulbs. 2825 bulb has an average rated life of 1000hrs, but the average rated life of 194 bulb is 2500hrs. So 194 bulb could be a preferred and budget-friendly choice compared with 2825 bulb.


Wattage is also different 2825 wattage consumption is 5 watts because of more lumens. But the wattage consumption of 194 bulb is only 3.78, which means it will consume less energy than 2825 bulb.


voltage of 2825 and 194 bulbs

2825 bulb is compatible with 12V, while the 194 is compatible with 14V.


Dimensions of both bulbs are considerably different; 2825 bulb comes with a dimension of 3x1x4 inches, while the dimension of 194 bulb is 4.1 x 1.9 x 0.7 inches. It means 2825 bulb is smaller in size than 194 bulb.


There is a considerable difference between 2825 and 194 bulbs in weight. 2825 bulb has 0.162 ounces while the weight of 194 is 0.634 ounces.


2825 and 194 bulbs are interchangeable and could use for the same applications, but there are some differences. 2825 bulb are lightweight, smaller, have a high color temperature, and produce brighter and relaxing light. But 194 bulb comes with long life, low energy consumption, and durability.


1. Are 194 and 2825 Bulbs the Same?

Answer: 194 and 2825 bulbs have some differences, but they are interchangeable and can be used for the same applications

2. How Many Watts is a 2825 Bulb?

Answer: 5 watts

3. How Many Watts does a 194 Bulb Use?

Answer: 3.78 watts

4. How many lumens is a 2825 bulb?

Answer: There are 50 lumens in the 2825 bulb.

5. How many lumens is a 194 bulb?

Answer: There are 25 lumens in the 194 bulb.

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