Night Angel vs Snap Power

Night Angel VS Snap Power Bulbs: The Wall Mount Night Lights

Night Angel vs Snap Power are the two different famous bulbs walls mount night lights. The Night lights help us check the baby and view the things at night in the room without standard light bulbs. Modern wall-mounted night light options are great that you can install anywhere with the wall and lighten up the around areas.

Night angel and snap power are most desirable wall mount night light options; both are performing well, but which suits your requirements, you will better understand after reading the night angel vs snap power comparison.

Night Angel vs Snap Power Bulbs

Both of the night lights features are discuses below in brief

Night Angel

how night angel works and what are the features

Night angel is a unique features night light option that replaces the entire socket cover, and it allows you to mount it in the place of the old one by unscrewing it. It will provide you with a large radius of light directly downward to the ground with its three excellent bulbs that are safe to use and touch.

Features of Night Angel

It has excellent features that make it feasible to use anywhere in your buildings.

  • The flexibility in its use allows you to install it anywhere in the bedroom, garage, kitchen, nursery, closet, and hallway.
  • The process of its installation is pretty easy; you need to snap it right in to install it anywhere with the wall.
  • You can quickly transform any outlet in your home into a smooth night light source to light up the dark area.
  • Three bulbs that emit a nice radius make light
  • It removes the batteries and wires
  • Outlet remains free for other purposes
  • It is compatible to use with all standard outlets
  • Night angle is an energy-efficient unit to use
  • Its bulbs are hidden inside the faceplate
  • Automatically turn on or off during night/ day
  • After installation no need to power
  • Excellent performance does not produce heat; the unit remains cool
  • Long-lasting has more than 100,000 hours of life
  • Décor and Duplex are two available options
  • Expensive

Snap Power

how snap power light works and what are the features

Snap power is a famous night light set that is easy to install without extra batteries or wires. You can install it in your home or dark areas to lighten up at night to see the things around you without switching on the main light.

Features of Snap power

Snap power comes with excellent features that make it suitable to use in different areas.

  • The installation process is pretty straightforward; it does not take more than a minute. There is no need for a bracket, wires, batteries, or long mounting process; snap it with a wall and go.
  • Keep your Outlets free; do not allow the standard bulky night lights to dominate bathrooms, hallways, bedroom, and garage anymore.
  • Produce the right amount of light in which you can easily sleep.
  • Life span is 15 to 25 years
  • Safe to use in house
  • It comes with sensors that turn it on or off when needed
  • Low profile design that looks like the cover plate
  • The average cost does not more than 10 cents per year
  • Low cost


Night Angel and snap power come with many features that make them versatile to use. When we compare them, there is not much difference in their features which makes them interchangeable. But night angel is a little more expensive than snap power.

How Does the Night Angel and Snap Power Bulbs Works?

Both bulbs work through sensors. This sensor automatically turns on instantly when there is a power cut or darkness, and it turns off automatically when the sensor is exposed to light.

Why should we use night angel or snap power bulbs?

  • When the power suddenly goes out, children scream in fear and you also panic. Using this bulb will solve your unwanted problem.
  • We can install it on the stair wall. Without turning on the house lamp, we can use the stairs without any problems.
  • We can install it in the bedroom, toilet, and kitchen also for better experience.

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