Black Diamond Headlamps: Best Features and Uses Guide?

Headlamps were invented, so people would have light on their head when they were doing outdoor activities at night time or during the day in areas, where it’s hard to see because of bad visibility conditions, and specially designed for climbing, running, or biking.

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Black Diamond headlamps is used to illuminate an area. It is also used for hands-free lighting, while working in dark conditions like reading a map or tying shoe laces at night. The flashlight will provide light in the direction the user looks.

Complete Guide of Black Diamond Headlamps

On this discussion we will get a clear picture about black diamond headlamps and hat we need to know about? So, stay with me at the end…..


The black diamond headlamps is a powerful headlamps with many features that make it easy for users to light up their path at night.

Steps 1: Power on and off

Hold down the power button for 10 seconds to turn the headlamp on and off.

Steps 2: Switch proximity or distance modes

Tap the power button off then double-click the power to switch modes. Red light indicates proximity mode and blue light indicates distance mode.

Steps 3: Dimming

Hold the switch down while powered on in either proximity and distance white modes, and release at the desired brightness level, from brightest (3) down to lowest (1). Cycle back up by holding down the button again until you reach your desired brightness level. When maximum or minimum brightness level is reached, the light will flash and then reverse. If you hold down the button for more than 10 seconds, the lamp will turn off.

Steps 4: Night Vision

With power off, hold the switch down for 3 seconds and release when the red LEDs power on. The light will remain in night vision mode when powered off. To return to white mode, hold the switch down for 3 seconds while powered off and release when the white mode powers on.

Steps 5: Strobe

With power off in either red night vision or white mode, make three quick clicks.

Step 6: Lock and Unlock

With power off in white mode, hold the switch down for 6 seconds. The red mode will activate first, and then the blue lockout indicator light will activate in the battery power meter window. To unlock, hold the switch for 6 seconds and release when the white mode powers on. To prevent accidental battery drain, the light will revert to lockout mode if the switch is not released.


The best battery life will be obtained by selecting the brightness level most appropriate for the task at hand. Ambient temperature will also affect the battery life. Warmer batteries will perform better.

  • Use AAA alkaline, lithium or Black Diamond rechargeable batteries.
  • Only Black Diamond rechargeable batteries will charge inside the headlamp.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries or batteries of different types.
  • Dispose of the used batteries properly.
  • Remove the batteries during storage.

Connect the micro-USB end of the cable to the headlamp and place the cable into any USB power supply. When charging for the first time or if batteries have not been changed recently, it is best to leave the charge cable plugged into the headlamp until the green indicator light is off.

Battery Meter:  

When the light is powered on in white mode, the battery meter on the side of the headlamp will show for 3 seconds:

  • Green: > 50% power remaining.
  • Orange: 25-50% power remaining.
  • Red: < 25% power remaining.

The amount of power remaining applies to the headlamp’s current setting and mode. To maintain the proper battery life, use the dimming feature.


The black diamond headlamps are waterproof rated to IPX4. It will continue to function when subjected to water spray at any angle. This does not include salt spray or high-alkalinity fluids. It is normal for water to enter the battery housing—the headlamp will still function under these circumstances, however, battery life will be diminished.

How to Dry Your Black Diamond Headlamps?

  • Do not use the headlamp at, or expose it to, temperatures above 60 °C (140 °F).
  • At very cold temperatures battery power and life will be diminished.
  • To avoid scratching the lens, do not place the headlamp lens down on a surface.


If the headlamp does not work;
  • Check the batteries are adapted to the right place and touching the terminals.
  • If the battery performance low, then Replace it
  • Clean corroded contacts and connections if necessary
  • Switch on and off several times.
  • Visit your local Black Diamond dealer or speak with Black Diamond’s warranty department

Spare parts 

This headlamp has no user-replaceable parts except the batteries.


  • Refrain from using children under 12 years of age.
  • To reduce the risk of suffocation, do not place the headlamp straps around your neck.
  • Make sure your headlamp is working properly before using it and, for critical situations, carry an alternative light and sufficient spare batteries.
  • Avoid looking directly into the beam or shining it directly into other people’s eyes. Intense light can damage your eyes or the eyes of those around you, learn more about Beam Focus Lights.


The world’s best-selling high-performance headlamp for over 25 years! Black Diamond headlamps are the perfect illumination solution for all your outdoor activities. With a variety of models to choose from, you can’t go wrong with Black Diamond’s reliable products that have been trusted by outdoors men around the world for more than 25 years.

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