CREE XM-L2 VS CREE XM-T6: Which One Is Best LED Flashlight!

CREE XM-L2 and T6 are the most recommended lighting options for outdoor, indoor, solar-powered, and portable lighting. Both led lights are manufactured by the same manufacturer and share many similarities, but which one suits your needs? Continue reading CREE XM-L2 vs T6 comparison.

CREE XM-L2 VS CREE XM-T6 – Quick Comparison Chart

Bases of comparisonCREE XM-L2CREE XM-T6
Color temperature6500k6500k
Voltage3.4 Volts2.9 v to 3.5 v ( nominal 3.1 V)
Wattage10 watt4-10 watt
Dimension4.17 x 3.46 x 0.75 inches5 X 5 mm
Weight1.13 ounces162 g
Running time2 hours2- 2.5 hours
ApplicationsOutdoor, indoor, and portable lightingPortable lighting

CREE XM-L2 vs CREE XM-T6: Detail Discussion!


In comparing lumens between CREE XM-L2 vs T6, we found for L2 1000 lumens while T6 has 800 lumens. It means the light produced from the L2 bulb will be brighter than T6 bulbs.

L2 1000 lumens and T6 has 800 lumens
Color temperature

Color temperature is an essential factor to consider for knowing about the light quality from an LED bulb. When we compared both of these bulbs, we found the color temperature is similar to 6500k.


The capacity for those bulbs is different; the MX- L2 storage capacity is 2000mAh, while for XM-T6, it is 3000mAh. Due to more capacity storage, you may find more hours running than xm-l2.

CREE XM-L2 vs CREE XM-T6 voltage comparison

When we compared their voltage, we also found a slight difference in their voltage; for CREE XM-L2, voltage is 3.4 volts, while for CREE XM-T6, it is 3.1 v.


Wattage consumption is almost similar for both bulbs; the wattage for the XM-l2 bulb is 10 watts maximum; on the other hand, the range for cree XM-T6 is between 4 – 10 watts.


Dimension is also found in different CREE XM-L2 bulbs and is smaller in size compared to CREE XM-T6 bulbs. Xm-l2 has a dimension of 4.17 x 3.46 x 0.75 inches, while for CREE XM-T6 dimension is 5×5 mm.


We have also compared their size; cree XM-T6 has more weight than the XM-l2 bulb. Its weight is 162 g, while the CREE XM-L2 has only 1.13 ounces. Lightweight may make CREE XM-L2 a better option for you.

Running time
Running time

Rechargeable batteries support both bulbs; you can use CREE XM-L2 for a continuous 2hrs, while CREE XM-L2 has running hours ranging between 2 – 2.5 hours.


While comparing their features, we found CREE XM-L2 as a better choice than CREE XM-T6. CREE XM-T6 is designed for portable lighting options that may assist you in other conditions, but it is recommended for portable lighting. While CREE XM-L2 could use outdoor, indoor, and portable lighting options.


During CREE XM-L2 vs CREE XM-T6 discussion we have found some similar options, such as their color temperature and slight differences in their voltage and lumens. But differences also exist that make them suitable for specific purposes. You can use the CREE XM-L2 bulb for several options, but cree XM-T6 is mainly used for portable lighting. XM-L2 bulb also has a lightweight size and emits brighter light.

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