Duracell Procell Vs Quantum

Duracell Procell VS Quantum: What are the Differences?

Duracell Procell and Quantum are the two most common alkaline batteries used for commercial and household applications. Both batteries are manufactured by Duracell and are also interchangeable due to similarities of some basic features. But some difference in features makes them specific for specific applications. You can know in-depth about Procell and quantum batteries by reading below the comparison.

Duracell Procell VS Quantum- Quick Comparison Chart

Bases of ComparisonDuracell ProcellDuracell Quantum
Battery CompositionAlkalineAlkaline
Available TypesAAAA, AAA, C, D
Shelf Life10 Years10 Years
Operational TemperatureRoom Temperature-4˚F to 129˚F
Dimension0.59 x 0.59 x 1.85 inches4.5 x 3.75 x 0.56 inches
Weight1.12 Ounces16 Ounces
Used Forflashlights, remote control toys, video game controllers, and moreremotes, flashlights, calculators, electronic test equipment, door locks, electronic safety equipment, cameras, medical devices

Duracell Procell VS Quantum

Duracell Procell VS Quantum battery

Battery Composition

In comparing Duracell Procell vs quantum batteries, we found both of the batteries are alkaline based.


Procell and quantum batteries provide an equal voltage of 1.5 V.

Available Types

While comparing both batteries, we found Duracell quantum offers greater versatility than Duracell Procell. Duracell Procell is only available in AA type batteries. But you have many choices to choose from for your desired applications from multiple types of Duracell quantum batteries. Duracell quantum battery is available in AA, AAA, C, and D types.

Shelf Life

We cannot tell the exact shelf life of any battery because several factors could increase or decrease the shelf-life of a battery, especially a temperature. We do not see any difference when comparing their shelf life because their average shelf life is ten years if stored properly.

Operational Temperature

Duracell Procell and Duracell quantum battery temperature

Duracell Procell and Duracell quantum are alkaline based, so their performance effect by temperature changes. Room temperature is recommended for both batteries, but according to manufacturer recommendation -4F to 129F is the best temperature range for quantum, and room temperature is the best temperature for Procell battery functioning.


There is a considerable difference found when we compare their dimensions. Duracell Procell has 0.59 x 0.59 x 1.85 inches, while the quantum has 4.5 x 3.75 x 0.56 inches. Duracell Procell size is larger than quantum battery size.


When we compared Duracell Procell and quantum in their weights, quantum is lighter than Procell. Procell battery has a 1.2 ounces weight that is considerably higher than a quantum battery that is only 0.16 ounces.

Used for

what applications are support Duracell Procell and Duracell quantum battery

They are widely used for similar applications such as flashlights, remote control toys, video game controllers. But due to different types of quantum, it could also use for electronic test equipment, door locks, electronic safety equipment, cameras, medical devices. Quantum batteries may prefer due to their versatile applications.


Duracell Procell and quantum batteries come with almost the same features and are used for similar applications due to similar chemistry. But quantum batteries, due to availability in multiple types and weights, may use for more applications than Duracell Procell.

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