18650 vs 3AAA Battery

18650 vs 3AAA Battery: What New and Differences?

18650 and 3AAA batteries are widely used for small electronic devices.  Both batteries come with many differences that make them different and compatible to use for different electronic devices. You will better understand their specifications and uses after reading the 18650 vs 3AAA battery comparison.

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18650 VS 3AAA Battery- Quick Comparison Chart

Bases of Comparison18650 battery3AAA battery
Capacity3.5 Ah1.0 Ah
Voltage Capacity3.2 to 3.6 V1.2 V
Working capacityLongerShorter
Weight48g11.5 g
Operating temperature-20 to 50 degrees C0 to 50 degrees C
Size18 mm X 65 mm10.5 mm X 45 mm
Used forFlashlights, electronic toys, laptopsRemote control, digital cameras, mp3 players, flashlights
Life Span10 Years10 Years
Comparison Chart

Detailed Comparison of 18650 VS 3AAA Battery

Detailed Comparison of 18650 VS 3AAA Battery


In comparing their composition, we found that 18650 batteries are lithium-ion-based, while the 3AAA batteries are mostly available in Alkaline.


18650 batteries are rechargeable, and if you use the proper charger, you can easily recharge those batteries more than 1000 times. On the other hand, 3AAA batteries have differences, few of the batteries could recharge, and their recharge cycle range is up to 500 to 600 cycles. Most of the 18650 batteries are not rechargeable.


The capacity of the 18650 battery is better. It provides more power up to 3.5 Ah, but the capacity of 3AAA battery is less than 18650, which is only 1 Ah. 

Working Capacity

Working Capacity

Both perform better, but the working capacity of the 18650 battery is longer than the 3AAA battery. So if you are going on outside trips, then the 18650 battery is a better choice for keeping your devices working for long hours.


The 3AAA battery is lightweight as compared to the 18650 battery. The 3AAA battery has only 11.5 g, while the 18650 battery weighs 48g.

Operating temperatures

Comparing temperature ranges for fine working, 18650 battery is better than 3AAA battery.  18650 battery could perform its functions awesomely between -20 to 50 degrees C, while the 3AAA battery performs better at 0 to 50 degrees C.


There is also a considerable difference among their size; the 18650 battery has more size than 3AAA batteries. It is the major reason that makes them entirely different from using electronic devices. 3AAA battery size 10.5 mm X 45 mm, while the 18650 battery has 18 mm X 65 mm.

Used for

Used for Flashlights, electronic toys, laptops

18650 battery is recommended for Flashlights, electronic toys, laptops, and other such devices. In contrast, 3AAA batteries are recommended for Remote control, digital cameras, mp3 players, flashlights, and small devices.

Life Span

There is no difference in their lifespan; both batteries have an average lifespan of ten years if stored properly.


18650 and 3AAA are two consistent performing battery, but 18650 comes with better and more efficient features than 3AAA batteries. Both batteries have many differences, so it is not recommended to use them for similar devices.

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