3156 And 3157 Brake Bulb

3156 and 3157 Brake Bulb: What are the Differences?

The car light systems, especially the cars are different and need specific bulbs to perform specific functions. The 3156 and 3157 light bulbs are widely used in the automotive industry and interchangeable in some cases.

But they also have some differences that do not make them fit for interchange. To know in-depth about 3156 vs 3157 bulbs, read below comparison guide.

3156 vs 3157 bulb- Quick Comparison Chart

Bases of comparison3156 bulb3157 bulb
Bulb typeHalogenLED
Light QualityDimmer than 3157Brighter
Bulbs ColorFewer optionsMore color options
Brightness LevelOneTwo
FilamentSingle FilamentDual Filament
Wattage6.27 watt1.7 watt
Size2.76 x 4.7 x 1.18 inches2.76 x 4.72 x 1.18 inches
Weight0.32 Ounces0.32 Ounces
Warranty8 Years8 years
Used forTurn signal, reversing light, light lampBrake light, light that work as turn signal and light bulb

3156 vs 3157 Bulbs: A Short Brief

3156 vs 3157 Bulbs: A Short Brief

Bulb type

In comparing both bulbs, we found the light source in the 3156 bulb is Halogen, while the 3157 has Light-emitting Diodes. 

Light Quality

The quality of light is also different; 3156 produces dim light compared to 3157. LED bulbs are more efficient than halogen bulbs, produce more light than 3156 bulbs.

Bulbs color

In comparing their bulbs colors, we found both light bulbs come in several colors, but in 3157, more bulbs’ colors are available than 3156 bulbs.

Brightness Level

We also found the difference in levels of brightness. 3156 bulb has only one brightness color, but 3157 bulb comes with two brightness levels. The user can adjust the light level according to requirements.


There is a significant difference in their wattage consumption. The 3156 bulb needs 6.27 watts, while the 3157 bulb only needs 1.7 watts. The reason is that 3157 has LEDs that are efficient and consume less energy than halogen bulbs.


The number of filaments is also different; the 3156 bulb has only one filament, while the 3157 bulb has two filaments. So for that reason, 3157 bulb produce more light than 3156 bulb.


The voltage requirement for functioning for 2156 bulb is 9-12 V, but 3157 could not perform less than 12 V. So, for 3157 bulb, it is a must to have 12 V power.


There is no difference in their size; both bulbs have a dimension of 2.76 x 4.72 x 1.18 inches.


In comparison, we found both bulbs have the same weight, only 0.32 ounces.


The 3156 and 3157 bulbs come with an 8-year warranty cover.

Used for

Used for

Both bulbs are recommended for automotive industries, but they are used for different lighting options. The 3156 bulb is used for Turn signal, reversing light, light lamp, while the 3157 bulb is recommended for Brake light, which works as a turn signal and light bulb.


3156 bulb and 3157 bulb are used for car lighting systems; they have many similarities. But when it comes to interchange, then have both answers yes and no. Yes is for the 3157; you can interchange it at 3156 positions, but no for 3156 because the 3156 bulbs could not use for 3157 replacement.

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