9012 Bulb Same As 9006

Is 9012 Bulb The Same As 9006 Bulb?

Are you looking for 9012 bulbs and 9006? Here you will find the answer. 9012 and 9006 bulbs come with similar and different features that make them interchangeable and better suited for different purposes.

9012 bulbs consume more watts but emit brighter light than 9006 bulbs; both bulbs could interchange after some modifications. If you want to read in-depth about them, keep reading the comparison guide.

9012 bulb vs 9006- Quick Comparison Chart

Bases of comparison9012 bulb9006 Bulb
Type of bulbLEDHalogen Headlight bulb
BrightnessBrighter than 9006Dimmer than 9012
Lumens10000-12000 Lumens1000-1600 Lumens
Wattage70-80 watt55-60 watts
Color temperature3400-6500 Kelvin6000 Kelvin
Lifespan1200 Hours1000 hours
InterchangeableNeed modificationYes
ApplicationsAutomotive exterior light bulbAutomotive exterior light bulb

9012 Bulb vs 9006: The Specification Details

9012 Bulb vs 9006: The Specification Details

Type of Bulb

9012 and 9006 bulbs when compared, we found both come with different light sourcing options. 9012 bulb is equipped with a modern LED lighting source that saves the power expenses and remains cool. But 9006 bulb is a traditional halogen light source bulb that may cause some heat while working.


We have also compared their light brightness; both emit sufficient light for your safe riding, but the 9012 bulb emits brighter light than the 9006 bulb. 



As the number of light lumens affects the brightness level of any bulb. In comparing the 9012 bulb vs 9006 bulb, we found a big difference, 9012 bulb lumens range is between 10000-12000 lumens while the 9006 bulb’s lumens range is only 1000-1600 Lumens. 


The 9012 bulb comes with an LED source that is an efficient system of light that can produce brighter light with low power, but because of the huge difference in lumens between 9012 and 9006 bulbs, 9012 bulbs come in 70- 80 watt range. In comparison, the 9006 bulbs come in the 55 – 60 watt range, which may save some power, but the light is dimmer than the 9012 bulb’s light.

Color Temperature

We find the difference between their light color temperatures; 9012 bulbs emit 6500K light, while the color temperature for 9006 bulbs is 5000K.


Voltage for both of the bulbs options is similar; 12v voltage is recommended for both.


As the lifespan of any electrical device depends on its use, the average life of the 9006 bulbs is 1000 hours, but the range for the 9012 bulbs is 1000-1200 hours.


When it comes to their interchangeability, the answer is yes. You can install a 9006 bulb in the 9012 bulb socket without making any change, but installation on the 9012 bulbs in place of 9006 needs some modifications.



Both bulbs are widely used for automotive exterior light bulbs; you use either of them, depending on your budget.


9012 and 9006 bulb comes with many differences and similarities that are essential to consider for specific purposes. 9012 bulb is a better option because of light brightness, cold light, more lumens, color temperature, and lifespan. But you could also use a 9006 bulb in place of a 9012 bulb because its performance is also satisfactory on the roads for safe driving.

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