What’s new in Hella 500 vs 500ff: Which One is Best?

Hella is a famous brand when finding the correct lights for vehicles. Hella lights not just ensure quality and performance but are also affordable. Its 500 and 500ff lights are some of its unique lights for cars.

You may hear that, there is no difference between Hella 500 and Hella 500ff; the name changed only. But what is the truth? Stay here at my Hella 500 vs 500ff comparison and get in-depth information about those lights.

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Hella 500 vs 500ff: The Detail Comparisons are Here

Hella 500 vs 500FF


In comparing Hella 500 vs 500ff lens material, we found Hella 500 lenses are made of high-quality plastic lenses, while the Hella 500ff has bonded glass made lens. You may find Hella 500 more durable due to plastic material, but the bonded glass may emit clear light in 500ff.

Light Source

There is no difference among the light sources because Hella 500 and 500ff produce halogen-based light. 


The position for Hella 500 mounting is at the rear position, while the Hella 500ff lights mount on the front. 

Light Color

Hella 500 and Hella 500ff produce clear light, but due to lens material difference, Hella 500ff light has more clarity than Hella 500.


In comparing Hella 500 vs 500ff, we found no difference in their voltage requirement. Both of the lights are compatible with 12V voltage.


The light quality of both lights is almost the same because they both produce 1450 lumens lights.


On comparing their wattage consumption, we found 500ff lights need more wattage double compared to Hella 500 lights. The required wattage for Hella 500ff lights is 110 watts, but Hella 500 require only 55 watts.


Hella 500ff lights are bulky in weight as compared to Hella 500 lights. Hella 500 weighs one pound while the Hella 500ff weighs 1.9 pounds. 


The shocking thing about their size is that Hella 500ff is smaller compared to Hella 500. The dimension of Hella 500 is 7.9 x 8.7 x 6.5 inches, while Hella 500ff is 6.4″ x 6.9″ x 2.6″ inches.

Used for

Hella 500 and 500ff

There is no difference in their uses; both are recommended for automotive exterior headlight bulbs. Due to position differences, you may use them at different vehicles, but both are recommended for exterior lighting.

Hella 500 vs Hella 500ff- Quick Comparison Chart

Bases of comparisonHella 500Hella 500ff
MaterialPlastic lensBonded glass lens
Light SourceHalogenHalogen
Light ColorClearClear but clean
Wattage55 watt110 watt
 Weight1 Pound1.9 Pounds
Size‎7.9 x 8.7 x 6.5 inches6.4″ x 6.9″ x 2.6″ inches
UsedAutomotive exterior headlight bulbsAutomotive exterior headlight bulbs


We do not find many differences except their shape, lens material, dimension, and weight in the comparison. Electric specifications such as their installation for similar purposes, light quality, the voltage may make them interchangeable. But both are recommended to install at different positions, so it is better to get the right one according to needs.

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