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Which Specific Wavelengths Are Used For Urine Detection?

When it comes to urine detection, wavelengths ranging between 365 nm to 385 nm are common. They help to detect the chemicals in urine, such as porphyrins, which cannot be detected with the naked eye.

Urine stains on your mattress or covers can damage their color and quality. Sometimes, we clean them, but they still exist, especially pet urine stains. Here, urine detection wavelengths can help us. For perfect results, the best wavelength for a urine detection flashlight can help us detect stains that are hard to identify.

Lucy J. Malsom is a user of Vansky UV Flashlight, and he is satisfied with its performance. Another user, Lynnette, is using Lighting EVER Small UV Lights and loves its convenient features. Rocki recently used Vansky UV Flashlight 2023, Upgraded and found it better than others.

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The Best Wavelength for Urine Detection for Phosphorus and Proteins in the Urine to Glow

Choosing the best wavelength for urine detection has become a difficult task now because of multiple brands in the market. It takes a lot of time, but for a quick deal, we have listed 3 top-quality wavelength flashlights that will satisfy you.

1. Vansky UV Flashlight

Vansky UV Flashlight
    • Reveal hidden urine stains on rugs and clothes
    • 395nm UV light for versatile applications
    • High-quality aluminum construction for longevity
    • Operates on a 3xAA Standard Alkaline Battery
    • Small size for easy to carry in the pocket

Lucy J. Malsom found the Vansky UV Flashlight Black Light, a powerful wavelength flashlight. Its 51 LED makes it perfect for detecting pet urine and many other tasks. It runs on 3xAA alkaline batteries that guarantee a consistent performance.

With a wavelength of 395nm, this UV flashlight reveals invisible stains on rugs and clothes. It makes it an essential tool for every pet owner. You can also use it to authenticate currency, identify whitening agents in cosmetics, or cure UV resin.

Its durable aluminum construction makes it long-lasting. You do not need much care and maintenance. It can last for years with simple maintenance and care. The 51 tenacious UV light LEDs ensure a long lifespan of 15 years.

This wavelength for urine detection flashlight features HD brightness LED lamp beads, ensuring durability and performance. For specific needs, the UV flashlight caters to scorpion finding, pet urine detection, and even glow parties.


    • Easily spot hazardous pests day or night
    • Ideal for crafting and resin curing
    • Check cleanliness in hotels and bathrooms
    • Identify hidden leaks in various settings


    • Battery not included in the package
    • It may not be ideal for outdoor adventures

2. Lighting EVER Small UV Lights

    • Detects animal urine and food stains
    • Aluminum alloy with impact resistance
    • Non-slip rubber design for safety
    • LED light source for efficient illumination
    • Battery-powered with 3 AAA batteries

According to Lynnette, the Lighting EVER Small UV Lights is a powerful and practical tool for various applications. The flashlight comes in a sleek black color and compact size that makes it simple to carry in a pocket.

It is powered by 3 AAA batteries that deliver 395 nm wavelength to quickly detect animal urine or hidden stains. It is equally effective in detecting stains on rugs, carpets, clothes, or in your car.

The flashlight wavelength for urine detection is constructed with aluminum alloy, which ensures excellent durability. Its unique non-slip rubber design makes it comfortable and improves the grip. 

With IPX4 water resistance certification, you can confidently use it in rainy and humid conditions. It can also help you authenticate currency and official documents such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, etc.

The 5-watt LED light source provides reliable and long-lasting illumination. It comes with a 1-year warranty cover to get it repaired for free in case of any issues. Due to its versatile features, it is recommended for DIY and professional activities.


    • Portable and lightweight for convenience
    • Pocket-size UV flashlight for on-the-go
    • Long-lasting power for extended use
    • IPX4 water resistance for durability


    • Not suitable for underwater use
    • Only black color may make it hard to find

3. Vansky UV Flashlight 2023, Upgraded

    • Enhanced brightness up to 30% UV light
    • Durable aluminum material construction for longevity
    • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
    • High-quality 395 nm wavelength for accuracy
    • Long-lasting LED life up to 12 years

Rocki found the Vansky UV Flashlight 2023, Upgraded one of the best handy flashlights for urine detection purposes. This high-quality wavelength for urine detection flashlight is also suitable for identifying hidden spots and stains.

Its powerful 395 nm wavelength gives pet owners perfect results to reveal dry cat, dog, and rodent stains. With a single flush, you can quickly identify the invisible stains to the naked eye.

The flashlight use is not limited to only urine detection, it is also a handy tool to spot scorpions, authenticate currency, official documents, and invisible stains. You can use it on carpets, clothes, rubber, or many other materials.

Equipped with 51 UV LEDs, this upgraded flashlight is 30% brighter than other lights. It lets you detect a larger area without compromising brightness. The black light will effortlessly pinpoint areas that need attention, making cleaning simpler and more efficient.

Its advanced LEDs are durable and last for 12 years with a bit of care. The heavy-duty aluminum alloy construction ensures durability, making it a reliable urine detector for years to come.


    • Pet stain detection with UV light
    • Battery-powered for convenient usage
    • Can detect scorpions, UV resin, and bed bugs
    • Waterproof and impact-resistant with IPX4


    • One color may limit the choice
    • Not suitable for general lighting needs


Now, you are in a better position to make an informed decision. We have provided you with the 3 best wavelength for urine detection flashlights in the market. Each of them is remarkable and worth buying. But the final decision lies in your preferences and needs.
You can choose either of the above 3 because they almost have similar features. But if you want a suggestion from us, we recommend Vansky UV Flashlight. Its excellent performance on different surfaces, higher wavelength, powerful alkaline batteries, and durable construction make it a top choice.

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