Kirkland VS Duracell Battery: Best Comparison Guide?

Kirkland and Duracell are two popular brands of batteries, but many of us look confused to differentiate. Some say both are the same, while others say both are different. What is the truth about Kirkland Vs Duracell Battery? You will reveal this after reading the comparison below.

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Kirkland vs Duracell Battery- Quick Comparison Chart

Bases of ComparisonKirkland BatteryDuracell Battery
Battery TypesAlkalineAlkaline
Shelf life10 Years10 Years
ApplicationsSmall electronic devicesHigh drain applications
Magnetic ChargeNoYes
Operational Temperature5 to 40 degrees21 degrees C
Storage Temperature15 degrees15 degrees
PerformanceInconsistent( often)Consistent Performance

Kirkland vs Duracell Battery: Detail Comparison May Help you to Decide the Right Choice

Kirkland vs Duracell Battery

Battery Types

One significant thing that makes it confusing is that both batteries have the same composition. Duracell and Kirkland’s batteries are Alkaline-based, so they consider as an alternative for each other. It is assumed that both provide the same performance.


In comparing their brands, both are different brands; Kirkland batteries are by Kirkland brand while the Duracell batteries brand is Duracell.


The most shocking thing in their comparison was that both of the batteries are manufactured by the same manufacturer. Duracell manufactures Kirkland and Duracell batteries; it is the major thing that arises confusion for the people to decide which one is better because prices are different, but composition, performance, and the manufacturer are almost identical for both batteries.

Shelf Life

10 years lifespan of Kirkland and Duracell Battery

The shelf life of Kirkland batteries same as the Duracell batteries, both of the batteries have an average life of ten years if used or stored correctly at the right temperature. 


Kirkland batteries are considered weaker than Duracell batteries, so Kirkland batteries are recommended for small electronic devices. But you can use Duracell batteries for high-drain applications.

Magnetic Charge

Duracell batteries are charged magnetically, but no such function is found in Kirkland batteries. So, Duracell may prefer when you need magnetically charged batteries.

Operational Temperature

Temperature is considered a significant factor affecting the battery’s performance. If you have Duracell batteries, 21 degrees is the best temperature for their delicate operations. In comparing operational temperature, Kirkland batteries were found somehow better than because they could perform efficiently between 5 to 40 degrees C.

Storage Temperature

Batteries do not use just after manufacture; they remain in stock for many days and even months. Both of the batteries have more than five year’s storage life. But temperature is an essential factor to consider keeping batteries in working condition. For both batteries, 15 degrees C temperature is recommended when storing.


Undoubtedly, both brands are manufactured by Duracell, but the Duracell brand found better, and its batteries perform consistently. So, for that reason, they are recommended for high-drain applications. But Kirkland often shows inconsistent performance, so you should use them only for small devices.


1. Are Duracell and Kirkland batteries the same?

Answer: Not Really but almost same in Life time, storage temperature, and manufacturer but a little different in Applications, Charging, Operation temperature and performance.

2. What brand of batteries is best?

Answer: Both batteries are nearly similar in features and Duracell is the manufacturer of both batteries but Duracell brand will be slightly ahead due to application and operational temperature.

3. How long does Kirkland and Duracell batteries last?

Answer: Both of the batteries have an average life of 10 years if used or stored correctly at the right temperature.


In a comparison battle between Kirkland VS Duracell battery, we found that Duracell makes both batteries; there is not much difference in their features. You can use them as an alternative, but Duracell has a better reputation and perform consistently than Kirkland batteries.

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