Ultrafire 18650 Real VS Fake

Ultrafire 18650 Real And Fake : How Do You Understand

Rechargeable batteries are widely used for many small and medium-size devices. Li-ion rechargeable batteries are common to use; among some Li-ion batteries, 18650 is a trusted battery option to choose from.

But sometimes, when you get a 18650 battery from a private store, there are chances that you may get the fake material. So for consistent performance, always try to get the Ultrafire 18650 real battery. But how can you know you have a real or fake battery? Keep reading ultrafire 18650 real vs fake comparison.

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How to Compare Ultrafire 18650 Real vs Fake?

Comparing Ultrafire 18650 Real and Fake

You may find different capacities containing ultrafire 18650 batteries, but it is not. Ultrafire batteries come in various ranges and features you could differentiate by comparing the actual battery features.


Ultrafire 18650 genuine batteries come in a range of 2200mAh to 3400mAh. Most of the batteries have 3000mAh. There are no 4000mAh or 5000mAh batteries in 18650, so if you get a battery that has less than 2200mAh or more than 3400mAh is fake.


In the manufacturing of ultrafire 18650 battery, Sanyo Li-Ion chips, are very efficient and can provide enough power for 5 to 6 hours for working. If a new battery does not perform for 5 to 6 hours, then you may have a fake battery with you.

Charging time

Ultrafire 18650 real battery is also very efficient and takes a very short time to charge. If you have a dead battery, it may take 1 and a half to recharge, so if your battery takes more time than recommended, then you may have a fake battery.

Identify Top-Cap

You can also differentiate between the real and fake battery by top-cap identification. Each brand has its specific top cap, which is tough to counterfeit. Just glance at the top cap; if the detach is possible, you may have a fake battery.

Check the Battery Wrapper

Check the Battery Wrapper

Do not forget to check wrapper material, color, and code printed on the wrapper. Whether fake manufacturers could produce the same battery, but they could not get the same wrappers.  

So check the wrapper color; it should be deeper; if it is brighter, you have the fake one.

Check its material; when you touch to remove the wrapper from the battery, you will notice it should be soft. But if the wrapper is hard and tough to remove, then it means you have a counterfeit battery.

Never forget to read the printed code; you can quickly identify the fake code by identifying code text font, text color, text position, and size.


The weight of the battery could also assist you in comparing the ultrafire 18650 real battery with a fake. The average weight of a genuine battery remains 45g or more than 45g; some brands have 50g. But it could never be less than 42g. So a battery less than 42g is Ultrafire 18650 fake.


Ultrafire 18650 battery performs satisfactory fake batteries in the same specification, and brands are also available. But you can identify by comparing their weight, capacity, size, wrapper color, code, performance, and charging time.

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