How To Test a CR2032 Battery

What You Need To Know About Testing A CR2032 Battery

The CR2032 battery can be easily identified by its gray color and rectangular shape. Primary cells such as the CR2032 are non-rechargeable and cannot be recharged with electricity. They are not designed to power large devices or appliances for extended periods of time.

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The Following Test Would be Taken for CR2032 Battery

Test Would be Taken for CR2032 Battery

In order to find out how a battery stands, you will need to carry out certain tests and measurements.

A Multi-Meter

 This is a device that can measure voltage, current and resistance.

Battery Tester

This is a device used to test the charge of a battery and see how it performs.


This is an instrument that measures the voltage of the battery. It can be attached to the terminals or probes can be touched with both terminals at once.

How to Test a CR2032 Battery With A Multi-Meter?

This is the easiest way to test a battery’s charge is to use a multi-meter.

  • Simply attach the red and black probes to the positive and negative end of the battery respectively. If it has any charge, you will see that volt reading on the multi-meter is higher than zero.
  • If there is no reading, then you know that it’s time for a new battery.

Common Causes of Low Voltage on a CR2032 Batteries and How to Fix Them

Fixing Low Voltage CR2032 Batteries

Low voltage on a CR2032 battery can be caused by a number of factors, from physical damage to corrosion. The best way to fix low voltage problems is to identify the underlying cause and take relevant steps to fix it.


If you have a CR2032 battery with low voltage, make sure that the problems don’t lie in the circuit board. It is possible for a circuit board to be internally damaged and require replacement or modification. If you have just replaced your battery, but still have problems with your circuit board then those may be due to other causes such as corrosion or physical damage.

What Type of Device Can Support CR2032 Battery?

CR2032 battery is a small cylindrical battery that is used for a variety of devices such as calculators, watches, cameras, and small toys.

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